Lets talk laundry

We are a family of 5. Thats 5 laundry baskets. Plus 5 beds. Plus 4 sets of uniforms (they each have a fresh uniform each day) and 5 peoples worth of towels, EVERY WEEK. In theory, 2 loads a day Monday to Saturday, and Sunday for ironing uniforms.

In reality, I’m drowning in laundry and ironing. And as we are about to go on holiday for a week, I’m frantically washing and ironing enough stuff for us all for the trip, and neglecting the usual ever full baskets, which will greet me on my return from a week of non relaxation. 

So does anyone with a larger family, have any tips on defeating the laundry monster? Without paying the cleaner an extra 3 hours a week to tackle it for me?

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