Thankful for good friends

So on the whole, I try to keep a positive outlook on things. However, some days just really really suck. Today was a sucky day, hell the whole week kind of needs to do one.

Today though, I just needed to scream and shout and be negative about the things that are bringing me down. I’ve been struggling a lot recently with my smallest rainbow, his behaviour has been especially challenging for a few months now, and I’m just totally drained. I’m finding the adjustment to a new financial situation hard going, as well as a crappy week of general adulting problems, that involve hemorrhaging money I dont have, in many directions.

So it is much appreciated when you message a friend to say you are frustrated, and they call and let you vent. Then offer new perspective to your issues. It sure beats the box of wine I was planning on using to recalibrate my mojo.

When life gives you leomons, my it also give you someone who can help throw the buggers at your bad mood, and help to turn your frown upside down. Heres to good friends and staying sober 😉

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