My kids are not brats…….

All parents face the day when their little cherub is having a bad day, and you get judgy looks from the general public.

Special needs parents face these situations almost every time they go out. Its hard work. You want them to have a good quality of life, but most outings are very stressful. Be kind if you see parents having a hard day with their child, you have no idea what they face each and every day.

We were recently on holiday and I took my children on a mini costal cruise. A new experience for them, and one I hoped they would love, as I fondly remember my days sailing in my youth.

It did not go well.

Eldest seemed to like it, but was very much in her own world.

2nd eldest got sea sick as we hit open water. Green faced and head in a bag sea sick.

Rainbow 1 loved being on the water, but had some major anxiety going on. Same questions about sharks and the titanic (thank you school) asked 30+ times, rather taxing to say the least. A nervous tummy also required a few trips to the toilet.

Rainbow 2, found it all a bit too stimulating to be honest, and was flapping loads. Throw in 20 odd toilet trips in the 1.5hr boat trip, because taking a pee on a boat in choppy waters is just sooooooooo exciting and has to be repeated with great regularity.

So rough sea, walking like you have had a right skin full, 2 high maitenance kids needing taking back and fore to the loo, 1 vomiting child, and a teen who likes to eye roll every time you ask her to hold/watch one of her brothers as you cant be in 2 places at once.

Then you get the judgy old trout who after tutting non stop for 30mins, decides to comment very loudly, on how children should not be allowed on the boat if they are going to be such brats.

She was politely  informed in no uncertain terms, I’d take a boat load of ‘brats’ over one bigot anyday. At least ‘brats’ have a reason for being how they are, bigots are just intolerably ignorant for the hell of it.

We did not let her spoil our experience, despite the sickness, the rough sea, the many toilet trips and an ignorant old woman. The incident did however make me think, maybe life for special needs families wouldnt be as stressful, if people were just a little kinder and accepting of our children, and dare I say it, offer some help or encouragement……….

Lets talk laundry

We are a family of 5. Thats 5 laundry baskets. Plus 5 beds. Plus 4 sets of uniforms (they each have a fresh uniform each day) and 5 peoples worth of towels, EVERY WEEK. In theory, 2 loads a day Monday to Saturday, and Sunday for ironing uniforms.

In reality, I’m drowning in laundry and ironing. And as we are about to go on holiday for a week, I’m frantically washing and ironing enough stuff for us all for the trip, and neglecting the usual ever full baskets, which will greet me on my return from a week of non relaxation. 

So does anyone with a larger family, have any tips on defeating the laundry monster? Without paying the cleaner an extra 3 hours a week to tackle it for me?

Thankful for good friends

So on the whole, I try to keep a positive outlook on things. However, some days just really really suck. Today was a sucky day, hell the whole week kind of needs to do one.

Today though, I just needed to scream and shout and be negative about the things that are bringing me down. I’ve been struggling a lot recently with my smallest rainbow, his behaviour has been especially challenging for a few months now, and I’m just totally drained. I’m finding the adjustment to a new financial situation hard going, as well as a crappy week of general adulting problems, that involve hemorrhaging money I dont have, in many directions.

So it is much appreciated when you message a friend to say you are frustrated, and they call and let you vent. Then offer new perspective to your issues. It sure beats the box of wine I was planning on using to recalibrate my mojo.

When life gives you leomons, my it also give you someone who can help throw the buggers at your bad mood, and help to turn your frown upside down. Heres to good friends and staying sober 😉

Not at all like 2 peas in a pod…………

Peas, do you know how many different brands of pea there are? We are currently on our 15th type of pea. The search continues……..

Let me fill you in. My littlest rainbow has some funny food aversions. Doesnt do mashed food, doesnt do mixed up food, food covered in gravy or pasta in a sauce. Custard on deserts, icecream with bits in, or multicoloured ice lollies. Each thing has to be seperate from everything else, and clearly identifiable for it to even be considered for tasting.

Most of all, he doesnt do green. We dont know why, but he hates green. Green food, green drinks, green sweets, green crayons, green clothes. All things green cause melt downs. He HATES green.

Except in school. In school, for his favourite teacher, he eats peas. Not just 1 or 2 peas, he eats a full portion of peas. I saw this as a gateway to greenness. I know he eats peas for his teacher, its a start, lets eat us some peas.

It appears however it’s only this one teacher. If anyone else chaperones his lunch, he doesnt eat peas. All the kids know his quirks, E does not eat green. But he also now KNOWS I know he eats peas for this lady, so I’m persevering with the pea trial.

I brought a bag of peas, cooked them, put them on his plate. He refused to eat anything that shared the plate with the peas. He HATES green, he HATES peas…..


Me: You ate peas for Miss ****** baby, eat peas for mummy…


Him: NO!

Me: But you like peas, you ate them in school with Miss ****** didnt you??

Him: Those peas ok. No like them peas.

Me: These peas are the same honey, just try 1 pea for me, please…

Him: ………………….1 peas goes in………………..
YUK, spit spit spluter. They not nice peas. NO.


For 15 different brands of pea (who knew there were that many) we have followed the exact same routine. No peas are the same as school peas, and school peas are only edible when they are shared with a certain teacher I think.
To pea continued………